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My Shaklee Story

Growing Up With Shaklee

It all started when I was in the womb, my mother used Shaklee Vita-Lea as her prenatal vitamins. I continued to get the nutrients I needed from my mother and baby food until I was old enough to take the children's Vita Lea, 34 years later I still take Vita-Lea and several other exceptional products from Shaklee.

I have lived the Shaklee lifestyle and know the Shaklee difference,  it has truly made a difference in my life.  I feel I have been blessed with good health and attribute it to eating a healthy diet, getting exercise and utilizing Shaklee products in my daily life. 

My wife used Vita-Lea as her prenatal vitamins while pregnant with our children, and now our children use Shaklee products daily.  I trust their products, the research and testing they do goes far beyond that of any other supplement company I've ever heard of.  I firmly believe in the difference these products can make in our lives, this is why I have chosen to build a Shaklee business.  So join us, and let us help bring the Shaklee difference into your life!


Jason Gerteisen